How we’re using Noteflight

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Noteflight is an online tool that you can use to write and playback music over the internet. It’s reasonably priced and is a great tool for music students. It’s possible for music teachers to set up a safe space on Noteflight where their students can share music and access online resources. This year, I’ve started using Noteflight a little more with some of my beginner piano students and also my more advanced, online composition students. 


One of the features that I really enjoy about using Noteflight, is the facility to share scores online. For example, when I’m working online with a composition student in real time, they can share changes that they make to their score with me and I’m able to comment and give feedback. 


Noteflight also gives teachers the opportunity to make creative tasks for their students. For example, I’m able to create little composition starters for students to complete. These tasks can be saved as templates for all students to access.


I love the scope that a tool like Noteflight gives for me to give meaning and a creative context for teaching Music Theory.  Students love hearing their music playback and they can instantly hear whether something “works” or not.


I feel very lucky to be teaching at a time when there are so many fabulous tools available to engage and enthuse students. Noteflight is one of those.

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