Piano Lessons

in Rotorua

to develop creativity and confidence


in rotorua

to develop creativity and confidence

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I'm Kathryn, a NZ based piano and composition teacher. I teach from my studio in Springfield, Rotorua and online.

Music's a great way for students to keep busy, be creative and connect.

If you're interested in joining us - I'd love to hear from you.

- Kathryn

the blog

How long to prepare for a piano exam?

Trinity College give some guidance about the amount of time that you should spend preparing for your piano exam in their syllabus. If you’re planning to sit a piano exam, make sure you give yourself…

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Opportunities to compose

There are many composition competitions and opportunities for you to have your original pieces performed.  It’s hugely satisfying to hear other people perform your piece(s), to have your music recorded and have a meaningful, real…

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How we’re using Noteflight

Noteflight is an online tool that you can use to write and playback music over the internet. It’s reasonably priced and is a great tool for music students. It’s possible for music teachers to set…

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What parents are saying

You're amazing! Happiest girl has just run in to me, now straight on the piano

Sarah Croucher

You're amazing. You always manage to see what's hiding inside the student's head and draw out their musical potential into something quite wonderful..

Siew-Bek Robinson

Thank you for everything you've taught Selena with passion and love.

Manuela Purser