Hi, I'm Kathryn and I help students develop skills and an understanding of music that will enable them to play, improvise and compose music well. 


As a piano teacher, I work with students to help take them from beginner to a grade 8 level of proficiency on classical piano. I also teach students the theory around the construction and use of chords in contemporary music so that they can play in a range of styles


My focus as a creator of resources for schools has been on providing support for the teaching of harmonisation and analysis skills. I believe that developing strong skills in these areas greatly assists students with their composition tasks.


I think that a strong Music Education gives a life long appreciation for Music, it brings enjoyment, develops co-ordination, mental focus and creativity.


Music has always been a significant part of my life. I completed a performance degree in Piano under the tutelage of Tamas Vesmas and went on to complete an honours degree in Composition. I’ve studied with John Rimmer, John Elmsly, Eve de Castro Robinson, David Hamilton and John Psathas. I have had the thrill of performing in National Piano Competitions and have had work / orchestrations performed by the APO and Opus. Through music, I’ve learnt to face my fears, be vulnerable and be open to critique. I’ve met some extraordinary people and made lifelong friends. 


Music teaching is now my vocation. I’ve held the following positions: Head of Academic Music at Diocesan School for Girls (Auckland), Head of Music (Bethlehem College) and have completed contractual work for both NZQA and the Ministry of Education. I now have my own private piano teaching business in Rotorua and am an itinerant piano teacher in local schools.


I work hard to give students opportunities to discover the place Music can hold in their lives. While some students do end up pursuing a serious musical career, for many families, music is recognised as being a gift that will add richness and depth to life. It’s a gift that takes practice, hard work and discipline, but along with that comes enjoyment and incredible satisfaction. That’s what makes it so valuable.