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in rotorua and online

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Welcome to my Rotorua piano studio

Piano lessons in Rotorua

Learning the piano can develop your confidence, creativity and memory. It can give you enjoyment and a special means of expression. I work with motivated learners who want to get to Grade 8 level of proficiency in classical piano and who want to develop skills in playing contemporary rock/pop along the way.  I teach from my studio in Springfield, Rotorua and I teach piano online to a growing number of students from all over New Zealand.




View some of the stunning work these talented students have been producing.


Why you should work on your scales

Learning to play your scales and arpeggios really well will help you develop as a pianist and as a musician.   When you play scales, you’re strengthening your fingers, the coordination between your hands and preparing yourself for scale passages which occur in a lot of music.  You can also use your scale practice to…

Online Piano Lessons – 5 tips for students

Here’s 5 simple tips that will help you have a great online piano lesson. 1. choosing which device to use If you have a laptop computer or chrome book, use this for your online lesson. The benefit of using a device with a large screen, is that you’ll be able to see the annotations that…

How to help your child learn piano

  5 little tips that’ll make a big difference Set aside a regular practice time Short, regular, consistent practice sessions are key Be involved and encourage your child’s pratice For younger children – sit with them while they practice and work through the lesson notes with your child. For older students – ask questions like…


"You're amazing. You always manage to see what's hiding inside the student's head and draw out their musical potential into something quite wonderful."

Siew-Bek Robinson

"You're amazing! Happiest girl has just run in to me, now straight on the piano."

Sarah Croucher

"We really appreciate your wonderful piano teaching and your care and love for kids beyond just piano. Chloe is super lucky to have you to be her piano teacher!"

Clare Slater


Read some of the articles celebrating student success in various local and National competitions.


Utopian Trio, featuring Zach Jans on piano win the Bay of Plenty District Round of the NZCT Chamber Music Competition.  Results here>


Eirwen Robinson wins Nell Trail Intermediate scholarship, Tara Isaacs placed as joint runner up; Chloe Slater and Nadia Wu joint runners up in the Nell Trail Junior Scholarship, Kevin Wu wins award for best solo, Eirwen Robinson wins the NZ Composer Intermediate class at the Rotorua Institute of Registered Music Teachers Eisteddfod. Daily Post article>


Liz Tamblyn, placed 3rd in the Rotorua Institute of Registered Music Teachers' Senior Scholarship. Daily Post article>



Euan Robinson placed 2nd in the Rotorua Institute of Registered Music Teachers’ Senior Scholarship. Read the Daily Post article here>