nz music month recordings

If you're keen to celebrate NZ Music Month with us, record either a piece of piano music by a NZ Composer or compose and record a piece of your own during May 2020.

Pieces will be shared on FB during May.

Step 1

Choose the piece you'd like to record and practice it until you can perform it fluently and with appropriate musical expression.


Click on the button below. This will take you to our NZ Music Month area in flipgrid. Sign in with your first name.


Introduce yourself, the piece and the NZ Composer at the start of the recording. Press submit when you've completed a performance that you're happy with.


Tip: Try to position your device so that we get a nice side-on view as you record. Try to have the main source of light BEHIND your device.


Send me an email saying you've uploaded your piece to flipgrid. My email is:


Give me a day or two and then I'll share your recording on Facebook 🙂