house concert


House Concert copy

Louryn Pablo

A selection

Isabelle de Lore

Raccoon's Lullaby - Faber

Jonathan Chan

Twinkle twinkle little star and Ode to Joy

Anjoescha Stevens

Surprise Symphony - Haydn arr. Faber

Nastassja Stevens

You can clap for me - Faber

Oscar Wilcock

Scenic Train Ride - Faber

Anabella Moffatt

Baby Owl - Faber

Lilly Uhl

Birthday Train - Faber

Harry Tamblyn

Morning - Greig arr. Faber

Nathan Jiang

Spies on a Mission - Paul Harris

Lia Sinisa

Spies on a Mission - Paul Harris

Coco Stevens

Foot Tapper - Christopher Norton

Xavier Sarich-Dunn

Stick and Hat - Michael Stahl

Israel Warnes

Between the fingers - Peter Graham

Michael de Lore

Enchanted Garden - Kirsten Strecke

Chloe Slater

Sunrise on the Matterhorn - Catherine Rollin

Nadia Wu

Blues for Beth - Mike Cornick

Kevin Wu

A Walk at Strumblehead - Gareth Balch

Helga Siringoringo

Sonatina in Eb - Benda

Eirwen Robinson

Minuetto - Loiellet and Jouer de harpe - Sibelius

Tara Isaacs

Mazurka - Nathalie Bera-Tagrine

Soo Jung Jin

Allegro, 1st mvement Sonata in Bb K570 - Mozart

Gina Atkinson

Mazurka in C#m, Op 63 no 3 - Chopin

Daniella Tuhairwe

Allegro from Suite no 7 in G mn - Handel

Zach Jans

Prelude and Fugue no 6 in Dm, Bk I - Bach


What a fabulous concert of such talented Pianists! The younger ones were soooo gorgeous. All a delight! So lovely to see ones I know making such lovely sounds and progressing so well! You are all so clever! Keep it up!

 - Rae Stokes


Thank you all for the wonderful performances we really enjoyed watching and listening to the beautiful pieces ,

Thank you Kathryn for organising and and the amazing job you are doing with the children.

 - Lillian Kitally