Rotorua LearnMusicNZ Cushion Concerts

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The Rotorua Cushion Concerts organised by our local branch of LearnMusicNZ are held at St Lukes in May and September each year.  These concerts give students the opportunity to perform in front of a friendly audience. The programme is always diverse and represents a range of ages, levels and styles. Sometimes a guest artist is invited to perform and this gives younger students inspiration and a sense of where their music studies could take them in the future.

tips to help you prepare for a performance at a cushion concert

  • Make sure you know your piece of music really well. Find out about the composer of your music and the reason that he/she wrote the piece you're going to perform.
  • Try to memorise your piece if you can - this will help you to communicate your musical ideas with the audience without feeling tied down to the music.
  • Practice your piece often - and practice it slowly
  • Practice performing at home. Try practicing walking on and off an imaginary stage, bowing and acknowledging the audience. Also practice the art of continuing to play piece without stopping - even if you make a little mistake.