Rotorua and Taupo Eisteddfod

Every year the Rotorua Branch of LearnMusicNZ hosts an Eisteddfod in June. The term 'Eisteddfod' is Welsh, and means festival of music / performance. The Eisteddfod is held in either Rotorua or Taupo and is open to children, teens and adults who are learning from a registered music teacher in the area. When the Eisteddfod is held in Rotorua, the venue is usually the St Chads Community Centre.  When  LearnMusicNZ host the Eisteddfod in Taupo, it's often held at  St Andrews Church, Rotary House or other suitable venues.


Brief history

In 1978, Elizabeth (Beth) Williams, the founding chair of the Rotorua Society of Registered Music Teachers hosted Eisteddfods in Rotorua for her students at Rotorua Girls' High School. In 2000, the Registered Music Teachers re-established the annual Eisteddfod because of the success of these early events.

They've been running ever since - and the convenor is Mrs Jenny McDonald.

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